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Because of how much energy Bengals have, an exercise wheel is an excellent investment. It is a great way for them to stay in shape and provides entertainment for them throughout the day while you are away at work. Wheels have been shown to curb bad behaviours and give you a happier Bengal

See What People 

Are Saying

" They LOVE it! Definitely keeps them entertained and gives them something to take out some of their high strung energy  

- Cat Owner - January 2019"

"We have a Bengal. The breeder already had a wheel that he used so it didn't take him any time to get used to the one we bought. It was a little squeaky at first but with just a handful of uses, that went away. It's a great tool for him to use to stay active as Bengals can get bored easily. Thank you one fast cat!

- Cat Owner - May 2018"

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Wheel highlights

  • Intelligent wheel design features place the emphasis on what counts most: your cat's safety and stability

  • Strong and durable wheel made with superior quality ABS plastic - reinforced with wingnut assemblies (yes, it IS really easy to assemble!)

  • Surfaces are easy to clean (and disinfect), making this wheel suitable for homes, breeders, shelters and rescue centers

  • Extremely sturdy wheel base for safety and stability along with an improved wheel track work together for better wheel performance.                 


  • Protection for little paws and tails with the wheel bearings being safely covered on the wheel base over top of the rollers and out of harm's reach of little paws and tails

  • Protect your cat's spine

A 48 inch inner wheel diameter allows your cat to move freely without excessive arching of the back, which will protect your cat's spine

(smaller wheels will cause spinal strain or stress)

Safely walk, run, gallop and play

  • The 5mm EVA foam tiles that line the 12-inch width running track so your cat can move with confidence and comfort. sturdy wheel base constructed for stability, better wheel movement and performance

Shown Relieves Stress & Anxiety

They designed the wheel for safe and fun indoor exercise. Your cat will hop on the wheel whenever she feels the need to stretch her legs, and you'll be surprised by how often that is.

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