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A Little Bit About Us....

Alpha Gem Bengals is a Bengal Cat Breeder of Exotic Bengal Leopard Kittens located in Brandon, Mississippi.

Our goal here at Alpha Gem Bengals is to specialize in improving the "early generation charcoal" snow bengal, the charcoal brown bengal as well as the charcoal silver bengal.

Our Bengal Leopards are the beautiful Snow Minx, Snow Lynx and the Classic Brown (black) spotted/rosetted with the two toned large "pancake" rosettes and the rare "clouded leopard" rosetted as well a marbled pattern, all with a strong base color coat contrast. All of our bengals have an ultra soft silky pelts that are covered with glitter from head to tail. 


Breeding and creating bengal kittens since 2013

We raise Bengal kittens

in perfect health with a look and behavior

that will steal your heart!

Because we are a small in-home cattery our Bengal cats are raised under foot, so we can provide each of them with lots of TLC and one on one time. Our kittens are all raised in our home with our family and have supervised free run of the house (WHILE WE ARE HOME.. lol) once they are fully litter box trained.

With Bengals you get affection, intelligence, and an energetic cat that gets along with other pets. Bengals will fetch, play in water and learn tricks. They like high places where they can sit and observe the world around them. They have a short single layered coat called a pelt like that of a ALC (Asian Leopard Cat) and because of this coat some people with mild allergies are able to fulfill their dreams of owning a cat. We highly suggest that anyone with allergies test themselves out with an adult Bengal cat. Any potential buyers are more than welcome to visit our home (cattery) to view our Bengal queens, stud(s) and kittens at any time with an appointment.

All of our Bengal cats are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and come with age appropriate vaccinations and a health guarantee.

We are a proud member of TICA (The International Cat Association) and 

TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society).

Why Choose Us?

Quality ​Assurance

Our Breeding Bengal cats are submitted to a complete annual testing process to ensure their good health and that of their kittens. Our kittens come with a health  guarantee from congenital effects. We are a governed cattery and certified through T.I.C.A. and hope to start showing & attending cat shows in the very near future. 

Precise Planned Breeding 

A Breed Like No Other...​ Our breeding Queens have two litters a year and are selected and matched with the stud (male) that is hand chosen depending on each ones genetics and what they carrier for as well as temperment.

Unique Designs

Bengal cats and kittens of incomparable beauty in all colors & patterns with thier bold and unique designs, from rosetted to marbled, from Charcoal to Snow. Give us a call or submit an email from the "Contact Us" tab above. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. 

Improving the breed

As Bengals cat breeders we are always trying to improve the breed and our goal here at AGB is to get as close as possible to the breed standards. From beautiful colors with nice and sharp contrasting rosettes with a nice flow, short silky fur, short thick tail and a strong muscular body and a wild looking head.

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